Rock Wool Insulation

Rock wool Felt

rock wool felt

Rock wool felt is a kind of soft and roll product made of rock wool felt wrapped by wire netting, stainless steel netting or glass wire, mainly used for heat preservation of large-caliber pipeline, storage tank, large-scale equipment, irregular thing, valve and pipe joint. Iron wire and stainless steel wire seam felt is especially applicable for heat insulation of high-temperature equipments.

Rock wool felt Scope of application:
Rock wool felt---It is used for heat insulation and sound absorption of large-caliber pipeline, construction wall and roofs.
Rock wool glass cloth felt----It is used in large-caliber industrial equipment and construction structure with the properties of anti-break and easy for construction. Furthermore, it has dust proof for construction wall.
Rock wool wire netting felt---It is used in strong-shake and high-temperature conditions. It is usually recommended to be used as insulated materials of boiler, shipping, valve and large-caliber and irregular pipelines. 

Rock wool felt Packing:
Rock wool felt is packed in high-strength woven bags to meet the need of logistics distribution, usually 2pcs per package. We should prevent moisture and compression in the process of transportation and storage. 

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