Glass Wool Insulation

rock wool batten

rock wool batten

high-rigid rock wool batten is the special core material of color steel core board. Professional equipment and advanced technology ensures the product performance achieves or even exceeds industrial standard. Excellent compressive resistance and fireproof is the key factor to improve the quality of color steel core board. The product requirements should update with development of color steel industry. High-strength rock wool batten also has the performance of practicality, high-efficiency and water-proof on the bases of keeping the characteristics of common rock wool batten. It widens the application areas for color steel industry and builds a wider platform for foreign customers to further optimize product quality of common color steel core board 

Scope of application: 
Fireproof color steel core board material for construction. Heat insulation and sound absorption of filling materials for security door and common door. 

rock wool batten adopts transparent plastic packing for convenient direct-viewing. Packing quantity is up to customers.

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